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There is something in a name

Updated: Jun 24

Last time, we showed off some cool tools that make your job easier.

At the end of my b log, I promised to tell you where we came up with the name Truck and Speed.

Well, The name was created by David McInturf, the co-owner of this company, many years ago. He felt it was a catchy name and used it as a side business for car and truck accessories. Fast forward to the present, David and Jamie decided to join forces and it seemed reasonable to use the well established name Truck and Speed. In all honesty, Truck and Speed is a bit of a misnomer. The company does not have race cars or anything that the word speed might conjure up. However, the name has won itself a good reputation as a company. If we were to rename it, what would be best, do you think? How about Truck and Van Accessories or Fleet Up fitters or Truck and Van Up fitting.

I am going to create a poll. Let me know what you think would sound cool or if we should just stick with the name Truck and Speed. I would love to hear from you!

What Name Fits us or should we keep the original?

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  • Write an answer

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