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Our Story

Jamie Norrman and David McInturf have created Truck and Van Upfitters using their combined 50 years of experience. David McInturf has a background in sales and marketing with various truck and van industries  and Jamie Norrman has a background in Fabrication. Their collaboration has made them a skilled and knowledgeable team. David Norrman came into the family business just out of high school. Like his Dad, David has a keen sense for fabrication and  engineering.  He is a skilled technician and has been a huge asset to the team. Jaylen Norrman , like his brother, has come into the family business with a genuine propensity towards all things tech. He has an eye for what the up and coming are looking for when it comes to social media and always brings his A game to the team.

Meet The Team

Our Distributors and Clients

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